We are happy to announce that this year two VGIScience projects will be actively contributing to the FOSS4G and the State of the Map (SotM) conferences in Florence. FOSS4G is a large community meeting of developers, users, companies and scientists that use and develop free and open source software (FOSS). It is hosted by the OSGeo foundation, a leading distributor of FOSS geo-software. SotM is the leading meeting for the OpenStreetMap community where data users, mappers, developers and scientists come together to discuss current trends and innovations. The schedule is extremely packed for both of them so we want to highlight some topics you should definitely add to your schedule. Online and offline registration is still open and we would be happy to meet you in Italy or online:



  • Th, 25.08.2022, 14:15: The new tool OSM Element Vectorisation that enables users to calculate a large set of quality indicators for single OSM elements is presented. The tool is an outcome of the IDEAL-VGI project. In an example study it was used to uncover some interesting tendencies in OSMs land-use data.