Routing for reducing exposure to environmental stressors (Expo Routing)

  • Axel Forsch
    Axel Forsch
  • Carolin Helbig
    Carolin Helbig
    Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH - UFZ
  • Anna Becker
    Anna Becker
    Universität Leipzig
  • Abdelrhman Mohamdeen
Expo Routing

In the face of climate change and increasing strain on urban traffic, cycling and walking are becoming increasingly popular modes of transportation, especially in larger cities. Already today, many people use their bike to commute to work. On these trips, the cyclists are exposed to environmental stressors such as air pollution, noise emmisions and heat. In this project we generate and propose alternative commuting routes to cyclists that aim to reduce this exposure to the environmental factors. In a field study we investigate if the cyclists are willing to change their commuting behavior based on these recommendations.

Our routing model is based on data of traffic flow as well as noise level in the city of Leipzig.

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