VGIscience 2021 lecture series

In order to emphasize the collaborative progress of our current research work, the VGIscience 2021 lecture series took place this year, each carried out as a live online video conference.

Every other week on Thursday at 13:00, another VGIscience project group introduced their research project and highlighted already achieved results of their work in a 10-minute overview presentation. Following that a current research question of the project was presented more in detail in a 15-minute presentation with a chance for the audience to ask questions and discuss the topic afterwards.

The 10-mintue overview presentations were recorded and made publicly available afterwards here:


Date Project Lectures
2021-03-04 VGI-Routing Inferring personalized multi-criteria routing models from sparse sets of voluntarily contributed trajectories
2021-03-18 COVMAP Continuation of Comprehensive Conjoint GPS, Sensor and Video Data
2021-04-01 EVA-VGI Geovisual analysis of VGI for understanding people’s behaviour in relation to multi-faceted context
2021-04-15 IDEAL-VGI Information Discovery from Big Earth Observation Data Archives by Learning from Volunteered Geographic Information
2021-04-29 Trajectories Dynamic and Customizable Exploitation of Trajectory Data
2021-05-20 AQA Algorithmic Quality Assurance: Theory and Practice
2021-05-27 WorldKG World-Scale Completion of Geographic Knowledge
2021-06-10 TOVIP Improvement of Task-Oriented Visual Interpretation of VGI Point Data
2021-06-24 VA4VGI Visual analysis of volunteered geographic information for interactive situation modeling and real-time event assessment
2021-07-08 ExpoAware Environmental volunteered geographic information for personal exposure awareness and healthy mobility behaviour
2021-07-22 Privacy Aspects Privacy Aspects in Volunteered Geographic Information
2021-08-05 DVCHA Distributed Decision Making and its Impact on Disaster Management Organisations
2021-08-19 Landmark Uncertainty The Effects of Landmark Uncertainty in VGI-based Maps: Approaches to Improve Wayfinding and Navigation Performance
2021-09-02 BirdTrace Uncertainty-Aware Enrichment of Animal Movement Trajectories by VGI
2021-09-16 vgiReports Accessible Reporting of Spatiotemporal Geographic Information Leveraging Generated Text and Visualization